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The last 18 months has been a rollercoaster for every single one of us. Particularly those of us whose work life was affected by covid, furlough schemes and redundancies.


Are you back in the job market following a redundancy?

Are you still on extended furlough uncertain of your job security?

Are you unhappy in your role and looking for something more fulfilling?


At Featherbank, we understand how tough the last 18 months has been and the effect this has had on the recruitment sector. With lots more people in the UK looking for new jobs, it is integral now more than ever to make sure that YOU stand out from the crowd.



Here are our top tips to help you stand out from the crowd to land your dream job:

1. Create a STANDOUT CV

You only have one opportunity to impress your future employer and to grab their attention. You know you have the skills, experience and know-how for that dream job, but you need to translate this to them very simply in one easy to read document - Your CV.

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Customise your CV to the job you’re applying for
  • Use keywords so your future employer can find you
  • Demonstrate value with facts and figures to back up your experience
  • Proofread to avoid spelling/grammar mistakes
  • Include a covering letter where possible 


2. Create a STANDOUT covering letter

Where employers may be receiving a high volume of applicants to job vacancies, you need to make sure that yours jumps out of the pile. A great covering letter is what will get you noticed and gives you an opportunity to get your personality and skills across.

  • Prep work is key

    • To whom are you addressing this letter

    • Research the company culture/competitors/values

  • Keep it short, no longer than one side of A4

  • Customise your covering letter to the job you’re applying for

  • Don’t just re-write your CV

  • Use this opportunity to show your passion and want for this vacancy

3. Preparing for a STANDOUT interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, particularly if it has been a long time since you’ve done one. If you make time to prepare before, this will help to make you feel less nervous. It may be face to face, it may be virtually through zoom or Microsoft teams. Whichever interview process you have ahead of you, preparation is key.

We highly recommend the STAR approach. It’s the simplest way for you to demonstrate your skills to your future employer at interview. It’s also easy to remember when you’re put on the spot to give examples.


Situation: Describe the challenges you faced. 

Maybe meeting a deadline or dealing with a tricky customer.


Task: What did you need to do to reach your goal? 

Highlight ways in which you prepared to tackle this situation.


Action: What did you do to accomplish your goals? 

How did you use the competencies your employer is looking for? Eg, communication, leadership, etc.


Results: What did you achieve? 

Be specific. Did you save money/time/introduce a new process of working?


Being prepared for interview is key but be sure to not sound too rehearsed. You want your personality to stand out and to come across natural.


Follow these 3 simple tips next time you are applying for a job or going for your first interview. You want to STAND OUT from the crowd and make sure that employer chooses you over everyone else. After all, it is your dream job and you are perfect for it! You just need to make sure that they know that too.


We at Featherbank Selection are Executive Search and Headhunting Specialists in the care and later living sector. Get in touch if you’d like any more advice on the recruitment process or would like to look at the vacancies we have available.

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