We help health and social care providers hire the right leaders, so that they can make a positive difference to people's lives.

About Featherbank.


Featherbank is the trusted recruitment partner for leadership roles in the care sector. But we don’t see our job as recruiting; we matchmake.

Through our people-centric approach and extensive sector knowledge, we deliver only the most exceptional service to our clients.

Honesty and integrity are uncompromisable to us. It has to be the right client-candidate fit – if it isn’t, then we simply won’t proceed. That’s just who we are.

The care recruitment specialists.

Drawing on our two decades of experience, we ensure that the right person gets the right role – every time.

96% success rate for retained searches
87% of candidates reach interview stage
58 headhunt calls per search on average

Culture-first hiring

We understand that skills and knowledge don’t necessarily make for the perfect candidate. And we get that changing jobs is about much more than a pay rise. That’s why we believe in culture-first hiring.

Spot-on matches are our focus. We always make sure that the values and aspirations of both the client and candidate are in harmony.

Helping health and social care providers build highly effective leadership teams.

Our story.

Featherbank was established on 17th March 2017, and at the time there was no grand plan, no fancy vision, no strategy and in truth it was set up as a lifestyle business so that Roxie and myself could spend more time with our newborn (Anja). It worked well, life was good and in the midst of it along came baby number 2 (Freddie). Then organically, more than strategically, things started getting serious. More work, more investment, more costs, more commitment…

The business was growing, as was our reputation. The family feel approach and honest collaborative methods seemed to be what many organisations liked about us, and it fit exactly into how the business modelled itself and was built. And here we are today, expanding but sticking to our roots and values.

We work on exciting projects with passionate people to deliver the best results. The people within the business share the same vision and values and one key reason for our success is our obsession with ‘standards’. It’s something we talk about on a daily basis, and it’s something we are very proud of and even though we get produce excellent results, we acknowledge that we can always improve. We have some interesting plans for the next couple of years, and we’ll always look to add to the team with culture first hiring. You can rest assured that we will always stick to our values and continue to run as an executive search firm with care at its heart.

Our values

Our points of difference are the key drivers to our success

1. We genuinely care

We’re person-centered in everything we do. This approach is key to who we are.

2. We’re candidly honest

We only provide real matches – if a fit isn’t right, you can trust that we’ll tell you.

3. We’ll partner with you

We believe working collaboratively is the only way to guarantee exceptional results.

4. We believe in diversity

Our team does what it takes to promote diversity and inclusion within the sector.

5. We make an impact

We have a hunger to place people who can positively influence the lives of others.

Our vision

Size isn't everything. our ambition is to be the best in class, not necessarily the biggest.

We're striving to be the recruiter of choice in the care industry. The first to be recommended, and the only recommendation needed.

We're committed to truly giving back to the care sector, Our growth revolves around making an impact on the industry we love.

We will be the knowledgeable, trusted partner to the businesses and people we work with

Our Purpose.

We exist because we genuinely care about our sector, with unquestionable passion.

A boutique business, with a firm family feel at its core, with a hunger to make a difference.

Getting the right person, in the right rolle to make a definitive difference in people's lives is our driving force.

Our number one priority has, and always will be, what’s best for you.

Why Featherbank?

We’re matchmakers
We go beyond simple recruitment, strategically headhunting for senior management roles to guarantee the best match.
We’re unique
Our comprehensive process is like no other. We screen every candidate with due diligence.
We’re collaborative
We consult with you, gaining accurate insights and allowing for honest and constructive feedback at every stage.

Remarkable results.

The highest quality standards

Quality underpins our every thought and action. By bringing you an excellent service, the best outcome will be achieved.

Proven headhunting process

Thanks to over 20 years’ experience, we’ve crystallised the most comprehensive and verified headhunting process.