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With social care being at the forefront of political debate right now, it is more important than ever to have the right people leading the way. But how can you ensure your recruitment process is as efficient as it could be, whilst also ensuring you are snapping up the best talent to drive forward your vision? In order to attract the top leaders in the industry, you will need to be aware of the ever-changing developments in recruitment and what executive candidates are really looking for.


Widen your net

It can be tempting to follow the same recruitment process which has had some success in the past - maybe particular job boards have always provided you with a large pool of candidates to select from. But quantity does not always translate to quality candidates who are highly effective at leading your team.  LinkedIn is a powerful tool to help you headhunt those with a specific skill set or service user experience, but it can sometimes be too heavily relied on. More and more employers are turning to Twitter to seek out their talent. Twitter lists can be used to pinpoint those working in the older living industrys and start a dialogue with executives who may be keen to hear what you're offering.


“From promoting open jobs to highlighting company culture, brands are tapping into Twitter to attract candidates, promote their employer site, and network with talent”  



Boost your employer branding

When you begin your executive search, do you stop and think about the brand and culture that you are selling to prospective employees? Having a defined company culture is paramount to hiring an effective leader who is going to promote that vision, whether it be in the realm of health, care or retirement living. Candidates want to know how people treat each other in the organisation so that they can be sure they are being set up for success. One way to make your culture clear to candidates before they have even step foot in the building is to improve the content on your website. Videos which capture the employee experience or pictures which represent the daily working life in your organisation can cement your working culture and boost your brand.  Big corporations like Disney and Spotify regularly use Twitter to do this in order to entice new talent.

“When it comes to company culture, talking the talk without walking the walk will hurt your ability to recruit talented candidates — and keep them around once you do.”

Forbes magazine


Highlight your reputation

Are you a gatekeeper or a door opener? It is important to ask that question before you interact with any candidates. From the start of the application process until the end of selection, you are providing that person with an experience, and it should be a true and positive reflection of your company values because reputation is key to recruiting the best talent. The key indicator of this is efficient and transparent communication. There is nothing more off-putting for a potential employee than poor communication.


Communication is at the heart of what we do at Featherbank Selection because it is what makes our placements so successful. Our candidates are exceptionally matched and have longevity which means they make a real difference to their employers. Featherbank Selection are a leading executive search agency, helping care providers build exceptional leadership teams. If you are a Senior Manager or Director in the care sector and would like to keep in touch with regards to potential opportunities for yourself, or if you are representing an organisation who would like to discuss how we can help, then please get in touch today.

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