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How to Choose the Right Job Offer


Sometimes in life, you find yourself in an exciting yet daunting situation, where you will have to ask yourself "Which job offer should I choose?".


There will be many factors that will help you make this important decision, and it's vital that you take a step back and evaluate each one before you take that huge leap into the next stage of your life. Here are a few tips for you to help choose that perfect job option:


Use your head and trust your gut

This may sound like a cliche, an obvious thing that your parent might say to you in these situations, but it’s a genuine fact that your natural instincts will pull you towards what you think is the best option. Writing down the pros and cons of each job and comparing them with each other will produce patterns in your thinking, you may keep floating back to one certain aspect of this one job when listing several other less appealing ones from the other. There is usually a reason for this - trust your instinct. Does it feel right?


Is money the most important thing?

We all love the idea of a huge salary, money makes the world go round (as they say), so the job with the bigger paycheck could seem like a no brainer. But if the hours are long and the work is more stressful than that of a lower-paying job, is it worth the extra digits in your bank balance? Time is the most expensive thing in this world and spending all of it working for that heftier bank account could seem like the right move, but later down the line, you may not feel the same way.


Will you be happy there?

It may be for ethical reasons - does this job align with your beliefs? Or maybe it’s more personal - is more time with your family more important?


Your happiness is key.


Take a step back from what you see on paper and have a hard think about what else this job could do for you. Workplace happiness can contribute massively to your own well-being and therefore is a very important part of choosing the right job. Look at reviews from previous employees on sites like Glassdoor and see what they have to say about the workplace environment. 


Company culture and company values can also be very important to how you will feel about the work you’re doing and how you feel in the workplace itself – do your research from multiple sources and find out what the place you may be working for really stands for.


Weigh up the benefits

 There are a lot of other important aspects of a new job other than the money that needs to be evaluated when looking at which one to choose. Some of these things include:

·  Location 

 · Hours

·  Out of work hours

·  Holidays

·  Benefits

·  Company policies

·  Job perks

 Depending on the job, there are many little things that could always add to your experience there. From free lunch to a company car, all these little things can make that little bit of difference in how you feel at your new job.


The need factor

 A big thing to think about when getting into a new job is what we like to call the need factor.

 What will THEY need from YOU? Will you be able to help them in a way that will gratify you and make them appreciate you? For example, can you help further this business and help them grow, with you growing alongside them?


What will YOU need from THEM? Can they teach you things whilst you are there that you didn’t know? Will they help you progress to the next step of your career, or will they just use you to get work done without the chance to help progress yourself as an employee and even a person?


And the MOST IMPORTANT thing to think about is this – where do you see yourself in 2-3-4 years' time? Does the idea of you being at one place in that time scare you compared to another?


So pour yourself a coffee, sit down and reflect on these questions, and by the end of the day, you may just find yourself making that important email and taking the next step in your career journey. 

Here at Featherbank, we can help you make the right choice to find the perfect job for you. Featherbank Selection is a leading executive search agency, that helps care providers build exceptional leadership teams. If you are a Senior Manager or Director in the care sector and would like to keep in touch with regard to potential opportunities for yourself, then please get in touch today.


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